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The proper etiquette for pointless bitching... or... constantly in search for the next enemy  
01:26am 23/07/2007
Rant-omnitron 8

One passive insult that really gets me is the saying "that’s gay".
I can understand the youth shit lexicon. At that time we didn't know what the hell life had planned for us...just about every guy -not all, their is the lucky few- at some point... Will have to get a tiny camera inserted in their ass, and there's nothing "gayer" than that...well maybe if the camera decorated the cavity on its turbulent travel.
You can trick yourself into thinking its called a "medical exam" but your really just describing the backdrop -if you were to tape it- it would probably turn out to be a gay porn movie gone bad...the "Doctor" chimes in with "i think you have cancer"
Surprised they didn’t use that for a "Very Special" queer eye for he straight guy...
And if the doctor didn't find anything –I assume you automatically begin to question the relationship with your doctor and like any bad experience that’s caught on tape you’ll ask for him to burn the copy.
I guess never go to the proctologist that wears an open lab coat and a shiny head lamp that’s just a disco ball attached to a head band. I’ve never gone- but i think i would ask for a "rape" whistle. Just a precaution; I believe in safety first.
Women of course go through their own problems in life, "pap-smears"-basically from what i understand it’s like putting your vagina up in the "best of show" competitions.
That’s why most women can't get along- they know who has the prettier pussy -they carry a score card in their purses- i swear I’ve seen it.
Not to mention the one thing that happens at an early age is the menstrual cycle.
When even their bodies tell them to fuck off, just a basic core meltdown
I’m just saying, yeah I’d be a little cranky too- but at least I’d have a pair of titties to play with...

People love NASCAR because its family oriented, and it's a good environment to have kids around- really? Am i getting this straight?
A bunch of people watching and waiting for others to get into car-wrecks while they travel at ludicrous speeds...that's a moral?
Wasn't it Jeff Gordon who got pelted with beer bottles?
I’m assuming they threw what ever they had next to them, or where carrying in their hand that very moment...i guess he's just lucky he wasn't shot for that matter.
Maybe an inbred child, as if it were some sort of redneck baby lottery/- redneck version of a Japanese card game. "This one’s only got one eye brow cleft, and 13 toes" "god damnit, you beat me". The ugliest baby is transferred to a new family.
We can grow a clone version of bob barker to host it...and their will be bob barker clones why else would he want all of u to spay and neuter our pets; it's because he's going around collecting them; in a diabolical plan to be the only game show host on television...

But just to have that as an outcome situation -when you’re basically "on the job"? I don’t consider it a sport; it’s more like an exhibition. If the car was alive- then yeah it would be a sport. It’s just driving around in a giant circle for about 2-6 hours -that’s still a bit much for what they do as a career, hell you don't pelt down the pizza guy when he gets there early with the pizza you ordered, do you? I could see if they were about to do a "granny shakedown", then i would agree with the use force. Help the guy put her out of her misery.
I must apologize, about the last comment, i am not an advocate of elderly abuse- but i have thought about it. It’s naturally equivalent to "road rage".
Just a basic anger thought. We all have them.

I was a pizza delivery driver for a while- i never once had that infamous porn incident.
Not in the land of concerv-a-hippies. The most you get are running naked babies, just running freely through out the house. The ones born to be a streaker…of course no one wants to see the baby pause, look up with that sudden "urgent" look on their face, while they relieve themselves all over the floor.
-True story- i once saw a toddler take a shit behind a laZboy. I turned and looked at the mother, and all she had to say was "yeah, sometimes he does that".
How as a parent can you actually let that go on? Are you trying to create a family of random shitters?
Or maybe its proof that some rednecks -like their natural enemy the "gays"- are born not raised. And yes gay people can be raised; we just call them "metro-sexuals".

We're all living in a false sense of status... there is no picture perfect society. There never will be- not in our progressing timeline, and i use the words progressing timeline as an insult.
It can’t happen when we all continue to be willing subjects of commercialization. I fall for the shit too, no ones exempt in this. They (marketers and advertising executives) prey on the one of the most natural reaction we have... and that's when shit goes bad we all want something to make us feel a little better. We would rather kill ourselves off then help each other out, it’s just that simple.
Our race is that of ineptitude, willing to slowly annihilate itself off, not to mention the planet in the name of convenience. Technology is one of those cruxes -it's new and shiny and you don't have it. Cell Phones are the new symbol of status judgment. We rate each other on how much we have, "how many things can your toy do"?

There are positives and negatives everywhere you look, in all shapes and shades of life.
Example: the homeless are increasing -but at least someone’s' around and willing to recycle our bottles and cans, and eat our left over food.

Thinking these things can make some-one go sick...but they are thoughts that should be raised up in conversation, if not then what the hell is the point of communicating?
If we can't get together and talk things out and reach some sort of conscious about how to solve our problems, to better ourselves as a race...then we should all just cut out our tongues, cause this constant brag battle of an existence is getting us nowhere...

I guess I’ll end with this:
Sometimes we need a zephyr of inspiration to help us when we're low or when we don't want to hassle with the outside world, and with that warm breeze, anything seems possible...
Just remember to bring your shotgun incase it turns into a zombie!
mood: i could go on...and on...i could go on...and on...
music: run your pockets LP-No Cash, new maps of hell-Bad Religion
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