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The androgynous platypus, is natures “Fuck You”!!  
01:26am 01/04/2008
adjustments galore. finally moving out tomorrow, which has been along time coming. The house is in good shape, dated, but in good shape. 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, a huge back yard etc. etc.

a good find, due to the landlords being alittle wary of renting it out to people. total rent is 910 a month. Electicity isn't going to be that much for a while, and when winter comes around i should have enough wood stocked up for the fire place.

i feel like its all some fucked up joke on me, being that i'm moving in on april fools day. the fear of a bad joke lingers in my mind like a bad dream. As if some how after i move in, Don becomes a demented talk show host, and cameras pop out of nowhere and yet everywhere. a gameshow host type a suit (eye raping flair)flies and forms on to Don, while he tears a fake patch of skin under his nose to reveal a 70's game show host mustache. he then announces that i have to live with a schizophrenic monkey cuffed to my left arm. the monkey wouldn't hit me but rather try to stab and kill me with it's collection of carnie and hobo (like there's that much of a difference) knives. i die soon after, to a sad horn instromental and the credits roll.
as sad as it is, i'd watch that show.

In actuality it was worth the hermit life because it helped with the saving of money, and i'm gonna make it all pay off.

that is the intention, lets just hope the will keeps on point.
my money's on the monkey.
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