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my geekery knows no bounds  
10:17pm 13/03/2008
so things that i've been geeking over:

guitar hero 2 and 3--working through hard mode. the rolling bars still haunt my dreams, just like every person that ends up playin that game as well as rock band

rock band --working through hard mode and learning to sing and play fake-itar for the hives, ramones, and clash tracks. dan likes to do his nathan explosion inmpersination on most of the tracks. funny as hell when he does it too, cause we rarely finish the songs.

mass effect--not done finishing the game, but i like if so far. i do wish they had more people in the cities and bases, but thats my only real complaint so far

the terminator: the sarah connor chronicles-- pure badassery. anyone who puts kevlar in their sitting furniture on the off chance that there will be a gun fight, is an instant bad ass. but there is one question: who's the bigger baddassssss sarah connor or H.R.G.-noah bennet from heroes?

heroes volume two-- was ok. the multi love story angles was alittle bit too much, started to end up as a late night soap opera. i just really hope they pick things up right and actually start explaining some important things, and not end up like (as i've stated before) x-files or Lost. i hope they find a direction to take it, preferably in a direction that doesnt suck. thats all i ask, and to give some of the characters actual intelligence, more on the common end.

human weapon-- as opposed to fight quest. one reason is that on human weapon they dive alittle more into the history of the martial art and center more on the individual move sets. which is better for me and my writing and drawing. i can now be alittle more accurate in my descriptions and storyboards. it reads like i know what i'm talking about.

and so on and so on.

dave is still asking me about doing some hip hop with him. he wants to try and perform this summer. should be interesting, that is if it happens. i shot him a list of twelve tracks that we could do. just title tracks, so he can get the theme of what kinda stuff i'm into.
since i'm not so much into hip hop, that might be a problem, at least a challenge. some track ideas are/where: speghetti chunks and ghetto crunk, fad hag, twisted tales, and extended appologies-an outro.

i've been helping a few friends move alot this month which was kinda fun, cause i know that i got a couple weeks before i have to start moving all my stuff aswell. but i figure that i can get it myself, since i had to load that whole damn storage shed by myself. i don't have a whole lot of stuff to move, since i had to get rid of my grandmothers couch. too god damn big to move anywhere; like the place that i stayed at for a couple of days before the shit hit the fan. oh well.

don/ny and jeremiah are in a group now too. dons going to be playing the keyboards for them. thier first gig is at the speak easy--next friday at 9 or 9:30. I'll end up going, since i get off work at that time. he couldn't really explain the sound of the group too well, he just chopped it up to a black crows-ish, easy listening music. so i'm expecting "college rock". but with a beer in my hand, i can get into just about anykind of music thats played live.

well i get to call my future landlord tomorrow and give him my rental application. oh shit and its payday! which is automaticly a good day.
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music: silence is golden, but duct tape is silver--AAA and others
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