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son of a bitch...  
10:05pm 26/09/2007
woke up kinda late for work. At the irving and river rd intersection my jeep dies out.
i hurry to push it to the shell station. in the middle of it i turn back to see a stranger helpin me out. we get it parked up next to the side of the station.
he looks at it for a while and asks me if i need a ride. his wife pulls up next to us, and asks what the sitch is. blah blah blah, they offer to take me to work. which was pretty cool.

they drop me off about 25 minutes late-which i really didn't care about.
i thanked them and we parted ways.

as soon as i started work it was hell. we had four different supervisors and what have you from different stores walking around and taking up space. my boss wants me to do as much cleaning and what not as possible. turned out to be a busy day-go figure-do i got done as much as i could.

got off work (my mother picked me up-thankfully) and when i got home me and my dad went to go get the jeep at the shell. we hitched it up to the (his) truck and towed it home. My phone was dropped off by DHL and i spent 10 minutes activating it.

so tomorrow i got to call a mechanic and try to figure what is up with it and when i can get it in to get looked at.

and i was lookin forward to friday.

whydoes it feel like i have posted something like this before....cause i have...dumbass
***directed at myself -not the reader

on the good tip, i got my cell phone back and it's all activated and shit.
still the same number. though i have lost all the numbers that were stored on my old phone.
unless i go deep sea fishing. nah that wouldn't work either, unless........

***on a side note the greg graffin solo album (lead vocalist from bad religion) "cold as the clay"
is surprisingly, really good. favorite tracks would be omie wise, highway, and talk about suffering. his voice flows nicely in the country folk songs, and with the help of the weakerthans the music is melodic and hypnotic at times (sorry for the lame rhyme). it can easily be played in a contemporary mix with the likes of johnny cash, bob dylan, arlo guthrie; and so on, and so on.
music: i fought the law-dead kennedy's, catch hell blues-white stripes etc. etc.(random
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