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i've never met so many people that like to raw dog hot dogs...its quite disturbing  
10:39pm 31/07/2007
went to donny's bifthday bbq party.
not that bad-had fun, didn't know a whole lot of people there. Stephanie fladiger (don't care if i spelt her name wrong) was there. for those who don't know-she's basically a eugene version of a dallas cowboy cheerleader--very hot-but the meats gone bad. anyways she saw my tattoo on my arm and asked if i was in prison. cause thats the only reason that i would have a tattoo on my arm. anyways i told her i was in a psyche ward in arizona and when i broke out i got the tattoo cause it reminded me of a spider in my holding cell.

i love fuckin with people.

guitar hero 2 is way too adictive. it makes your fingers hurt just like playin a real guitar--but with out the bleeding.

working at the deli is all right. i was asked by co-workers if i would eat some "head-cheese". i had no idea what they were talking about- so i asked them if it was just some old lady's cooch. it wasn't...damn.
head cheese isn't cheese. if it is its the worst cheese they could ever make.
its basically small chunks of ham (or what ever's on the floor at the time) diced up and held together with hot-gun glue. with a dash of pepper. actually i would have eaten out an old lady than taste that shit again.

transformers was awesome--though i could do with out the love story-just add more city battles. the little minion sounded like an ewok mixed with a gremlin. and what happened to john voight and turturro in the bunker?
expect a couple more. deffinately better than pirates of the carribean (which i hope they dont make anymore of).

as of right now im lettin my mind wonder around while i work on some over due projects.
trying to work past some animation glitches and road blocks.
same ol same ol i guess.

how about you?
mood: only you can prevent forests!only you can prevent forests!
music: jeb rand is sailin on-bedouin soundclash, Shaktar donetsk-Joe and the mescaleros
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