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O bailan todos o no baila nadie  
02:29pm 13/07/2007
well i'll be going to go see social distortion in a couple hours.
should be a fun show.
work is going well
despite the fact that i might lose my job
long story short- manager doesn't like me cause i called her on some sanitary issues.
turned it around and told the store manager i was being insebordinate.
which could have gotten me fired on the first offense.
but everyone who works there stuck up for me.
--its like a lame streetgang/mob dispute... and like usual i'm stuck right in the middle.
i probably wont lose my job but just get switched to another department.

monday an old lady of 97 collapsed in front of the counter, and i had to call 911.
they came help her regain conscienceness and she finished her shopping and then drove home.
some people i tell ya...
it was deffinately awkward-but in a wierd way kinda expected.

gotta pick up the jeep tomorrow-got a new distributor and starter for it.
so it looks like G's premonition from back in the day just might come to fruition.
--when i first got a car he said that he always pictured me driving a jeep.
go fig...

heres a pic for the next track i'll be doing with dave:
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will georgia kill an innocent man?
why not it's not exactly the first. sure as hell wont be the last.

well time to go cash my check, and finish off my southern comfort before the show.

on another note
lemon cake is good...

did i just type "yummers"?
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02:40pm 14/07/2007 (UTC)
Tree: How Do You Know...
How was the show? When do you get off work today?
picword: How Do You Know...
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05:51pm 14/07/2007 (UTC)
i get off work at 10 tonight.
i usually work from 1:30 to 10.
i'm gonna try and make it to dave and margy's
house warming party after work.

if i don't i'll give ya a call
if it's not too late.

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