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01:27pm 21/06/2007
things are going pretty well with this new job.
im picking up extra hours at the 18th and chambers albertsons.
the butcher block there is alot smaller, but with alittle more fredom to make displays.
yesterday i made a catfish marinade that didn't last very long. people would stop by and try it out, and of course talk my ear off. so i guess it was a hit.
the manager there wants to steal me from the other store, and likes my work ethic.

the other store is on royal and danebo.
the main store i work at. every one is really cool there too. but everyone likes to complainabout sonia. the manager of the butcher block there. she's alright, you just got to get past the constant storytopping. and the overly persistant "you know what im saying" (with out the gangsta accent) after everything she tells you.

so when i go back on friday, i think i'm going to play around with what i can make and put some new stuff on display. i'm just glad that we don't have the "roadshow" this weekend.
the roadshow is a satilite station we set up in the very front of the store. which i had to work last weekend, basicaly its a glorified "greeter" position. it was boring as hell.
other than that things are going decent in my life.
finally feels like i was able to get that Karmic kick me sign off my back. and beat the shit out of the shoulder monkey that put it there in the first place.

been working out,and stopped smoking (pot and cigarettes) which some will find quite amazing. its all part of bettering myself. ditching all those cruxes that i clamped on to has made me realixe alot about my history. i do know that i am more driven than i have ever been. and i'm not going to let things (my own actions-importantly) drag me down anymore. i know i can do alot with my life, and its time to see just how far and how much i can actually do. even if i dont go anywhere, at least i'll have the comfort of knowing i gave it an honest shot.

i'm enjoying the single life, no outside hassles is really nice. i'm not even looking for any real attachment or "fling". right now i'm in a place to test myself. i've let soo many things distract me from completing things i always wanted to do. alot of the distractions were of my own making. others where just the way it had to go.

so i'm testing myself, finding my own potential, and driving myself to follow through with alot of my plans that i have/had set up for myself. school will deffinately help me achieve what i want to do. photography, writing courses, tv and film production are just some of the classes i look forward to taking. it's gonna take a few years but i need to learn all this stuff if i want any sort of chance at progress.

agian i find myself goin over my scripts for:
blue note detective
end of the dead
and death letter
i still find room for improvement. so before i rashly send them out to various formats i think i'm going to take my time and polish them as much as i can. i have said before that i was gonna send them out, but i dont think theyre ready, and i know that i am not to boot. with all honesty they can wait till i'm ready with the knowledge to see them come to fruition.

damn it i just realized i left my cell phone at work.
well it looks like i gota go get it.
son ofa B
mood: dumb enough to keep tryingdumb enough to keep trying
music: the raconteurs-bbc sessions, trust-kmfdm
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03:45am 03/07/2007 (UTC)
You are awesomely awesome... good for you =)
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